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  • Goku

    Discover our collector's items, accessories and clothing featuring the iconic Son Goku !
  • broly

    With Broly's power, anything is possible! Discover our goodies dedicated to the Legendary Saiyan.
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  • vegeta

    Do you want to be like Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans ? Browse our collection dedicated to this proud warrior !
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  • Freezer

    Known for destroying planet Vegeta, Freezer is an unscrupulous conqueror. Join his troops !
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  • Bulma

    Go on a quest for the Dragon Balls with the magnificent Bulma and her formidable intelligence !
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  • The #1 Dragon Ball Z store in France

    Goku Shop offers thousands of products derived from the Dragon Ball series. Whatever you're looking for, this is where you'll find it! Our fan community brings together hundreds of thousands of loyal people. Find the perfect product in just a few clicks!

  • Customer service available 24 hours a day

    A doubt? A question? We are here to answer you as precisely as possible! Our team is very available. Whether you need information on one of our products, on one of your orders or even a tracking number... Write to us at: contact@goku-shop.fr

  • A continually updated catalog

    We make sure to offer the best of Dragon Ball Z. Thus, we update our catalog in order to offer you the latest news. Don't hesitate to join our newsletter to follow the evolution of trends and not miss anything!

  • Order in just a few clicks

    Good news! We offer delivery all over the world! All you have to do is choose your favorite items, order them and our team will take care of the rest. You will receive your order at your home very soon.