Founded in 2017 by manga and anime enthusiasts, the Goku Shop® team specializes in the sale of figurines , accessories and clothing from the iconic Dragon Ball saga.

With more than 1,000 different Dragon Ball products, Goku Shop® has always wanted to bring fans of the DBZ license ever more new and original items, corresponding to the most famous scenes and characters from the Dragon Ball series .


Know the young Saiyan , our quality charter respects strict policies, we work directly with our suppliers located respectively in Great Britain and Japan who regularly offer us new products in order to offer ever more relevant products for our users on Goku Shop® .

We try every day to offer you new Dragon Ball products , linked to the new releases and Arcs of the saga like Dragon Ball Super, Gt etc..


We are committed to always offering our customers the best products at the best price, while respecting the most eco-responsible design processes possible. Today the brand, creator of textiles, figurines and Dragon Ball Z accessories, draws its strength from its expertise in the field. Initiated by fans for fans, we make a point of offering a selection of new visuals faithful to the Dragon Ball anime.

It is also thanks to its numerous products that Goku Shop® feeds your passion for the saga every day: Dragon Ball Bodybuilding Clothing , Dragon Ball t-shirts or even Dragon Ball sweatshirts , including our Goku Figurines up to the iconic DBZ Crystal Ball ... so many gifts to offer or to treat yourself without moderation to complete your Dragon Ball collection!


Much more than a simple visual, it is a unique composition that comes to life on each of the products imagined by the Goku Shop® team. Your favorite Dragon Ball store carefully reworks the official graphic charters to offer you faithful and unique designs, thus giving birth to a product where you can identify and share your passion for the Dragon Ball universe!


You will have understood, Goku Shop®, selects the best Dragon Ball products , Dragon Ball Z accessories and Dragon Ball Super goodies for you! So if you have watched the entire Dragon Ball saga, you will be knowledgeable about all our most varied products! Quickly find what you're looking for among our selection of Dragon Ball Super figurines and decorative elements linked to the new anime from Toei Animation.

We ship our products throughout the French-speaking world (and around the world) for FREE. Your security is also our priority: our site only offers secure payment methods encrypted by an SSL protocol.

A problem with the Post Office? We take care of disputes while immediately sending you a new package AT OUR EXPENSE.

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Motivated and determined to share your passion for your favorite anime Dragon Ball ? Join our team of ambassadors now and benefit from exclusive offers across our entire store thanks to your privileged status.

Gifts, free Dragon Ball T-shirts , remuneration, tips and participation in our growing brand project, it will be a truly unforgettable experience for you!

Did you dream of finding the best Dragon Ball Z store in France? So look no further, and welcome to Goku Shop® young Saiyan !

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The Goku Shop® team