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Dragon Ball Shenron & Goku Figure

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Livraison dragon ball

Goku and the Divine Dragon

The “Dragon Ball Shenron & Goku Figure” captures an epic moment in the Dragon Ball universe, featuring the divine dragon Shenron alongside Goku on his magical cloud. This figurine is the perfect marriage between majesty and modesty, between the immense size of Shenron and the smallness of Goku.

Shenron's Huge Size

When you look at this figure, the first thing that strikes you is Shenron's impressive size. With its detailed scales, sharp claws and piercing eyes, it dominates the scene in majestic fashion. This depiction of Shenron perfectly captures the essence of the mythical creature from the Dragon Balls.

Goku on his Magic Cloud

Faced with the colossal power of Shenron, we find Goku on his famous magic cloud. The Goku figurine is just as impressive despite its small size. His determined expression, ready to face any adversity, is a testament to his legendary bravery.

Product Features

  1. Incredible Details : The "Dragon Ball Shenron & Goku Figure" is a work of art in terms of details. Every aspect is accurately represented.

  2. Quality Materials : 22cm figure made of high quality PVC, this figure is designed to stand the test of time while retaining its vibrant colors.

  3. A Legendary Duo : Shenron and Goku are two of Dragon Ball's most iconic characters, and this figurine brings them together in a magical scene.

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