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Dragon Ball Vegeta VS Goku Figure

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Livraison dragon ball

Legendary Fight Vegeta VS Goku

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with this exceptional figurine which immortalizes the legendary fight between Vegeta and Goku. Every detail, from the determined expression on their faces to the dynamic posture of their fights, is meticulously reproduced. This figurine is much more than just a representation; it's an invitation to relive one of the most memorable battles in the Dragon Ball universe.

Figurine With The Dragon Shenron

What makes this figure unique is the imposing addition of the divine dragon Shenron, who surrounds Vegeta and Goku in his majestic presence. This alliance of warrior power and dragonic mysticism creates a captivating visual dynamic. Each element of the figure is a piece of Dragon Ball history, providing a visual experience rich in detail and emotion.

Product Features :

  • Imposing Size : With an imposing stature of 32cm, this figure instantly catches the eye, creating a striking focal point in any Dragon Ball collection.
  • High-Quality Materials : Made with durable materials, the figurine stands the test of time while maintaining its quality and shine.
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