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DBZ Goku Super Saiyan Giant Figure

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Livraison dragon ball

Goku, A Hero's Awakening

The "DBZ Goku Super Saiyan Giant Figure" instantly transports you to a legendary moment from the Dragon Ball Z anime. This massive figure captures Goku's epic transformation into Super Saiyan 1 during his fight against Frieza on Namek. It represents a symbol of power, bravery and resolve.

Super Saiyan 1, The Calm Before the Storm

Serene Expression - What sets this figure apart is the calm and serene expression on Goku's face. You can see the determination in his eyes. This depiction captures the precise moment before Goku embarks on a fierce battle against Frieza, a super-powered enemy.

Start of a Legend - This figure symbolizes the start of the Super Saiyan legend. It was during this fight that Goku reached this legendary stage for the first time, marking a major turning point in the Dragon Ball Z series.

A Monumental Sculpture

Giant and Impressive - This figurine is simply immense. With impressive dimensions, it measures over 34 cm high, making it unmissable in any collection. Every detail of Super Saiyan Goku has been painstakingly sculpted to recreate his iconic appearance.

Sculpted Muscles - Goku's muscles are meticulously modeled, clearly showing the power that bursts out of him during his transformation. Each muscle is sculpted with incredible precision, making this figure a work of art for sculpture enthusiasts.

Product Features

  • Ideal to complete your collection! Faithful to the Dragon Ball saga
  • High-end figurine : very robust and resistant
  • Sublimated rendering : realistic finishes and colors
  • Gigantic Series : 34cm
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