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DBZ Majin Boo figure

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Livraison dragon ball

The Eternal Madness of Majin Boo

The "DBZ Majin Boo Figure" captures the elusive and unpredictable character of Kid Boo, Boo's most wild and demented incarnation. This figurine perfectly illustrates his eternal madness while capturing a rare moment of calm, where he gives a thumbs up in approval.

The Innocence of Kid Boo

Kid Buu Smiling - This unique figure depicts Kid Boo with an enigmatic smile. It's a rare moment when Kid Bo's madness gives way to an innocent, friendly expression. The thumbs-up is an intriguing contrast to his usually chaotic behavior.

Eternal Madness - Kid Boo is one of the craziest incarnations of Majin Boo. His unpredictable nature and lack of moral sense make him a formidable opponent for Goku and his friends. This figurine recalls the darkest aspect of the Dragon Ball universe.

Product Features

  • Ideal to complete your collection! Faithful to the Dragon Ball saga
  • High-end figurine : very robust and resistant
  • Sublimated rendering : realistic finishes and colors
  • Large size : 19 cm
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