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DBZ Tapion Music Box

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Livraison dragon ball

The Sweet Sound of Liberation

Discover the magic of the "DBZ Tapion Music Box", a treasure for all Dragon Ball Z fans. This music box instantly transports you to a legendary moment in the Dragon Ball universe, when Shenron grants the wish to free the mysterious warrior Tapion.

The Melody of Tapion

The DBZ Tapion Music Box captures the essence of one of Dragon Ball Z's most emotional moments. When you turn the crank on the box, it emits the enchanting melody associated with Tapion's release from his prison.

This melody evokes a feeling of freedom, hope and camaraderie that has touched the hearts of fans across generations. Now you can relive this powerful moment anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

  • Music faithful to the film 13: Dragon Ball Z
  • Melody: Ocarina by Tapion
  • Material : metal, wood
  • Dimensions : 6.5 x 5 x 4 cm
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