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Black Goku Time Ring

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Livraison dragon ball

The Mysterious Relic of Goku Black

The Black Goku Time Ring is a fascinating relic that draws from the Dragon Ball Expanded Universe to create a unique and mysterious accessory. This Ring of Time is full of history and power, making it a must-have item for Dragon Ball fans.

The Magic of the Ring of Time

The Ring of Time, first appearing in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, is one of the most iconic artifacts in the Dragon Ball universe. Worn by time fighters and Black Goku himself, this ring has the ability to manipulate time, opening portals to different eras and allowing its wearer to travel through history.

Characteristics of the Ring

  • Allows time travel (not guaranteed)
  • Quality Design : The Ring of Time is designed with great precision to faithfully resemble the original in the series.
  • Solid Silver : 925 Sterling Silver
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Size : 54, circle about 60mm
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